Reflection on the State of Nigerians and the Clarion Call

Now that the most talked about and keenly contested Presidential election is over and we are on the edge of our seats awaiting the final announcement of the result by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I decided to share with you a topic I titled: "Reflection on the State of Nigerians and the Clarion Call." 

My decision to share this at this critical moment of our nationhood is due to the fact that people have made it a norm to use their differences to disturb the general peace of society. This case has been a source of so many inter and intra ethnic, party or religious violence reported sporadically across Nigeria before, during and after February 23, 2019, rescheduled Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Prior to the 2015 election (in which former President Goodluck Jonathan, PDP lost to President Muhammadu Buhari, APC) till date, most Nigerians have professionalized name-calling, spread of fake news and other propagandized elements for their selfish goals while making the mass of the less privileged to believe that it is for their general good.

Personally, I do not blame most of the selfish elements in the country using our natural differences as tools to propagate their evil agenda neither do I fault those who have been brainwashed to side tribe, religion, race, and annoyingly political parties at all cost even if it requires killing fellow human like them. I strongly believe that it is the fault of the system that does not make the study of history to be compulsory for us all from primary to tertiary institution. I believe that if we all understand or have strong knowledge of where we are coming from, it will be almost difficult for any selfish element to use propaganda to make us do what we would not like to do.

 More so, If we all know where we are coming from. I’m sure we would not have found ourselves in this present situation, and we would not be commenting on public issues like how some of us do today.

Let us help ourselves by asking our parents, the elderly people around us to tell us what they have gone through, let us also use the Internet to know the evil of war from the 1st world war to the 2nd, from Vietnam war and to our own civil war (Nigeria 1967 civil war). I am sure that once you are able to gather all this information, you will not want to do or say anything that will promote crisis but that which will encourage peaceful coexistence.

Nigeria will never go anywhere if we keep expecting God to come and be our president and Angels His vice so that they can bring Manna to our tables.

From 1960 till date, we know that our biggest problem in this country is leadership especially after the first coup, and the only solution to this is ourselves, the people.

Until we find a way to fight as a unit, speak with one voice, forget about what government can offer us, and take our destiny into our own hands, we will be going nowhere as a nation.

For those that will say I’m having these thoughts because I’m not affected by the senseless killings in the North, some parts of Niger Delta, some parts of the middle belt and especially the Northeast. Or that I'm not affected by the kidnapping, rituals and frauds going on in some other parts of the country, well, I won't be surprised at such a person, it’s ignorance at work; nobody with active conscience in this country or anywhere else in the world will say he/she is not directly or indirectly affected.

I will never support anything that will result to a loss of life because I know the pain of losing someone; I will never support anything that will end us in violence or war because I know what war can do.

It might interest you all to know that, I lost my grandfather during the civil war, according to the story, I know how my father and his siblings suffered to survive; some of his siblings died because they couldn't stand the suffering.

I knew what my mother went through to be able to get healing for her eyes that got injured when her mother was running to safety with her tie to her mother back; you can imagine the pain she went through from when she was a baby during the war till 2001 when the pain finally subsided after a lot of medical, herbal and spiritual treatments.

So you see, we should not allow these so-called leaders, political parties and whatever they call themselves, to keep bringing us against ourselves by their words and actions. It is not for our good but for their personal gains. These people can do and say anything to fulfil their ambitions, yes, they can even cause war if that will bring them political satisfaction. Of course, you should know that they can afford the war but can you? They have diplomatic passports to fly into any country of their choice but do you? They have properties everywhere in the world but can you afford a hotel bill in a foreign country for a week? So you can see that we need to stand up and say enough is enough, let us start speaking in one voice.

By now you should have the understanding and exposure into a reality that all the curses and abuses Muslims pour on the Christians and Christians on the Muslims are unnecessary.

All the blame games going on between the supporters and members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) and that of All Progressives Congress (APC) will not take us anywhere. If we should continue this way, what kind of tomorrow are we building for ourselves, what kind of future do we want to give to our children?

Let us stop allowing these our self-centred leaders and our so call statesmen to keep bringing us against ourselves all the time. Let us use every medium to preach and promote oneness and peace.

If our leaders are too busy trying to fulfil their personal agenda, we should not be too busy to fight for our right and build a country of our dreams.

You and I can make the difference no matter how little our effort maybe, just start in your corner and me in mine, and you will be surprised the kind of change we can bring together.

Let us not give war or even any form of violence a chance, let us not give terrorism a chance, let us not give corruption a chance, let us not give those who want to divide us through tribal, religion and party lines a chance, but let us give peace a chance because that is the only way we can dare to dream of progress. Don't die for another person's aspiration. Your spirit will not forgive you if you should stoop so low.

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