Franchise or Disenfranchisement and the importance of Voting

Many people do not vote thinking one vote will not make a change, but as a matter of fact, it does. A nation’s political foundation is built using free and fair elections where all eligible voters participate without fear of intimidation.

Voting is a fundamental right of any citizen that enables them to choose the leaders of tomorrow. In many countries, the minimum age for voting is 18 years. Voting not only enables the citizens to vote for political parties, but it also helps them to realize the importance of citizenship.

Benefits of Voting:

Voting is a basic process that keeps a nation’s governmental system working. It enables citizens to choose their own government. It also allows people to choose their representatives in the government. The purpose of every government is to develop and implement various policies for the benefit of its citizens.

It also gives the citizens the right to question the government about issues and demand for clarifications. Voting is the way to express the opinion of a citizen in a democratic nation. Voting is crucial to activating the democratic process.


Right to vote energizes social awareness since it empowers political cooperation. The citizens can follow the progress of the political representatives and the legislature. This consistent process enables the general population to settle on educated choices about whom to vote in favour of. Also, the legislature can’t generally act arbitrarily when the entire nation is observing.

Every adult is given the right to vote, irrespective of sex, class, occupation and so forth. This is representative of uniformity and congruity. It is a fundamental right in which all citizens get an opportunity to choose who represents them.

Every party that is competing in any elections announces and establishes various benefits and social reforms for their people.

Some of these political parties might be deceiving with their initial reforms, but can have the intention of corruption. It’s the responsibility and skills of citizen that decides which government is elected.

It is the right, benefit and obligation to vote as a citizen of your nation and an individual from your society. Individuals may figure their vote does not make a difference without knowing that their votes can shape government policies, monetary and sociocultural arrangement.

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