How To Cohabit Peacefully With Anyone

Truly, it is very difficult to find peace where there is no foolishness. If two or more people who hate to be cheated or believed to be wise and right all the time try to cohabit under one roof, it will be like stacking a room with cats and rats; you can imagine how that room will look like.

For there to be peace in any relationship or friendship, one must act the fool while the other remains wise if he/she chooses to. But who will really be ready to act the fool intentionally?

The most foolish group of people are those who want to be at peace at any cost, but the wise never sees them as fools but lovers of peace. 

So if you want to be a lover of peace, you must sometimes act the fool for peace sake by sometimes accepting blames even if you feel you are not at fault and learning to admit it by saying sorry.

 I know that out of our ego and pride as humans, we always want to be on the winning side in any argument or misunderstanding; we always want to come out right and just; but if we truly want peace, we should learn how to bow and move on sometimes.

You might want to ask, “are you saying we should pretend that everything is fine even when it’s obvious that it’s not? No, that is not what I’m trying to say, as they say, “anger is a temporal madness” so you should be careful when you or your partner is on this state of mind by saying little or nothing at that moment and acting the fool until the fire dies down; because standing to exchange words at that tense moment will be like fueling already burning fire. So, you really have to avoid putting your tongue into action to avoid saying what you will live to regret afterwards ( because at that moment silence worth more than silver and gold).

When you and your partner or parties involved are sure of a high level of calmness in the heart and total restoration of reasoning, then you can now call yourselves to order since you are both sure that you have returned to your normal state of mind; now you are free to make your point one after the other and come up with a resolution that will help to prevent such a misunderstanding in the nearest future.

After that, no matter who is found guilty, both sides should be humble enough to say “SORRY” and move on happily ever after. 

I also know that this process is kind of difficult but that is the easiest way to maintain peace. I have tried it and it worked perfectly and I am still enjoying the result till this very moment.

 Always remember that no matter how intelligent, strong, just or wise you might be, things are not always going to go your way, you must bear this fact in your heart all the time if truly you want to live in peace with everybody around you.

I can beat my chest that this process is a perfect one for any person who wants peace to win all the time.

If you will forget everything you have read here today, never forget to “talk less and listen more” because the more you talk the more mistakes you will make and that will continues to provoke the other party. Remember, it takes two to fight; and as the saying goes, "two wrongs can never make a right" so also will two rights always make wrongs; two people who believe they are too wise will find it difficult to cohabit. Think about it.

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