Why Some People May Always be Poor

Most people always ask why I keep greeting those who think they are too wealthy to respond to my greetings. Guess what I often tell them, I always say, 'that is the only way I can learn how it will feel if someone at my level today greets me when I become as wealthy as they are in the future'. Besides this, it is one of my biggest inspiration why I keep trying to better my best.

What you are about to read is an expo' to why some people will always remain poor or even get poorer if they are not careful. I wonder the sense in having bad feelings against the people in the position you claimed to be working towards.

Well, what I mine even saying, it is foolishness to think that a wealthy man is pompous to you because you are poor. Wait until you get rich and then you will understand the spirit behind being wealthy.

I always tell people that instead of them wasting their energy to hate a wealthy man whom they think is pompous, they should direct that same energy into adding meaning to their lives.

Obviously, it is natural for the wealthy to make friends with the wealthy and the poor friend with the poor. It is strange for a less privileged person to expect that a wealthy man will be humble enough to give him the same freedom he gives to his rich friend in his mansion especially in a society like ours.

Having this assumption is like expecting a normal goat to always roll with chickens despite the fact that they are both farm animals. Wake up from that fallacy because it is always strange when the sun and the moon decide to shine at the same time.

As laughable as it may seem, in my country, an average poor man will always believe that every rich man is ritualistic or a corrupt government official who made his billions from ill-gotten wealth. They don't always care to trace how much fire they have faced before they became the shining gold they are today.

I am not saying that most of them did not get their billions illegally but why would you bother your head with how ill-gotten or not their wealth is when you should be thinking of how to position yourself for your own blessings or what you should do part-time to grow your own wealth.

Our problem, especially in this society, is that we are always eager to have who to handover the blame of our misfortunes to; some of us often wish that all the wealthy men around us should suddenly become angels whom we can handover all our lives' problems to.

Thus, we follow them like goats following a man with the palm-leaves. And as the saying goes, "he who pays the piper, calls the tune", they will then treat us as they wish; in return, we call them names like wicked, greedy, selfish, corrupt, ritualistic, and so many others.

My friends, are you sure you will amount to anything if you keep having this mentality? Are you sure you will taste their kind of wealth if you keep having this type of mindset about the rich? Are you sure you are not giving yourself unnecessary heartache by hating the rich while they keep getting richer?

Some, especially in my immediate society, always say that wealth and power travel in the same circle, and thus it would be impossible for them to ever get rich. But, I am here to tell you that it is a big lie.

 There are so many people in this our society and in other clans that made themselves rich without having to come from a lineage of millionaires. They prayed, worked, and positioned themselves to get to where they are today; so can you too.

 I wish to name some of them here but I won't because they are obviously everywhere; you will see them in the entertainment sector, sports, the creative sector, business, the technology sector and many others. It all started from a dream to an idea and then to reality.

I think I have said a lot already on this, let me rest my fingers here and allow you to ingest this. If you can't deduce anything from all of these, don't fail to deduce the fact that the reason for your current economical, financial, and social status is your mindset. Reset your mindset today, and you will see how your life will set for the best things life has to offer.

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