Community Service, Answer to Prisons Congestion

While it is sometimes thought that prison is the best place for criminals, others believe there are other ways to deal with them. This is my opinion!

Injustice to one is an injustice to all, but I strongly believe, there are other ways to deal with criminals rather than keeping them in prison. This article will consider both sides but will focus more on the benefits of considering other ways to deal with criminals, instead of keeping them in prison.

Firstly, what is the benefit of keeping criminals in prison? to keep them away from society?. The answer to the questions is probably to separate criminals from reasonable citizens. These ways are expensive, besides, they are liabilities.

The government should engage criminals in community service, instead of keeping them in a secluded home and feeding them without doing anything productive.

Also, criminals should be judged based on the gravity of their offence. Those charged with capital offences can be kept in prison, while those with little crimes, should be given months to do community service.

This method will reduce the cost of prison maintenance, and increases prison capacities. This method of dealing with criminals will solve the problems of prison congestion.

More so, the government always spent millions of dollars maintaining public properties, engaging them in community service will reduce such frivolous spending, and such a budget can be used on other projects.

Finally, the Government should not just waste public funds on criminals, feeding them, and providing them with the latest facilities to ensure their sustainability. They should be engaged in proper community service. This will reduce the notion that most criminals, commit more crimes when released from prison. With this method, the criminals will work based on the hours pronounce by the judge.

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