Our Environment is Under Threat, Let Us Deal with it

While some people consider global warming to be the most pressing environmental problem which we have at the moment, others believe deforestation has a more devastating effect on our world.  Here is my discussion on both sides and my opinion.

 Global warming and deforestation are pressing environmental problems confronting the human race. These issues were as a result of human activities, either through cutting down of trees or releasing emissions from the factory into space. This article will vividly explain, the causes of both environmental issues, and also identify possible solutions to the issues.

Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees that were meant for relaxation or reduction of heat. Also, deforestation rises from the illegal burning of bushes for farming or housing.

In the other hand, Global warming according to scientific researches was a result of toxic chemicals that were often released into the sky. Most company's machines were often arranged in a manner that the gas from those machines goes into space. 

More so, the smoke released from aeroplanes, helicopters, e.t.c., is part of the causes of global warming. This human act, as scientifically proven, increases the heat level.

Hence, house by house environmental education on what to engage in, to reduce environmental problems should be organized. This is necessary because most individuals, ignorantly add to environmental issues. They need to be educated, informed and cautioned on the danger of this ranging epidemic.

Also, the government as a legal body for policymaking should formulate policies that will clearly tell the public what to do and what not to. The Government should also issue punishment for violators of lay down rules and regulations regarding environmental position or degradation.

In conclusion, both environmental issues are the most pressing environmental problem which we have at the moment; we ought to know that negligence of both problems will negatively affect human productions and health. So, as a matter of urgency, we need to do away with anything that will add to this problem.

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