I don't Want a Younger Wife But I'm searching for a New Wife, General Ibrahim Babangida

Former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, rtd, says he is not planning to take a wife younger than him but he is in search of a new wife.

The 78-year-old former Head of State said if he gets a younger wife, it will be problematic for him and for the woman because of his age.

General Ibrahim Babangida who stated this while speaking with Sun News, said he is trying to be fair in his search for a new wife adding that he fears whether the new wife will be able to live with him the way his late wife Maryam did.

He said: “Yes, I am quite sure. I’m searching and I’m hoping. But the longer I wait, maybe, the more problematic it becomes.

"If it drags, I would be too old and the whole idea of having a partner would seem to diminish. But I will make sure [I have a partner] before reaching that stage.

"If somebody is in the corner, you could organize that in three or six months. And because it must be somebody you have known for a long time, or somebody you have been in contact with for a long time, you don’t just tell them to look this is for marriage.

"But as time passes, and relationship building continues, it could end up in marriage. However, I have to be fair in my search. I really want to be fair. For instance, you don’t expect me to take a wife much younger than I am because that will be a problem for her and for me."

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