Population Explosion and the Problem with Genetically Modified Food

With a growing world population, one of the most pressing issues is feeding such a large number of people. Some think Genetically Modified (GM) food offer a viable solution to this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

 In recent times, the growing world population has created several pressing issues; and feeding the ever-growing population has become a major problem confronting both the government and individuals. Some individuals or organisations think GM foods offer a viable solution to the problem.

 Besides, feeding, we know that overpopulation has generated more problem in terms of unemployment, poor ecosystem, crimes, and many others.

 In my opinion, I will partly support the suggestion of embracing GM food and also dish out some points on why GM foods are not the best solution to this contending world issue.

Firstly, Genetically Modified foods are Chemically aided foods; they were planted with the use of injection on seeds. This injection foster growth compares to the naturally planted crops i.e. seeds not injected.

GM, an abbreviated word for Genetically Modified food has received wide support, and it was perceived as a viable solution, but we failed to consider the health implications of GM foods on human.

Though, most agricultural experts support the suggestion of making GM foods a replacement to the manually grown food. Yet, GM foods have not received scientific backup or guarantee that it is healthy to consume such foods.

Also, instead of advancing the use of GM foods, engaging in agricultural aided scheme to increase the production of foods should be adopted to meet up with the ranging population explosion.

In conclusion, GM food is not a viable solution for feeding the growing population of the world. It should not be until it is scientifically proven that the consumption of such food is not poisonous to the human system. It is not in all cases that technology should replace nature. Besides, we are what we eat and our health is our wealth.

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