See why Nigerian shows organisers May Stop Going to Ghana

Shows organisers from Nigeria may soon stop taking shows to Ghana due to the unfriendly nature of the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

The unfriendly nature of the industry came to the fore during the visit of American female rapper Cardi B. She and some Ghanaian celebrities clashed for allegedly snubbing them.

The issue of Ghanaian's unfriendliness, especially towards Nigerians, was raised when two musicians from Ghana - Joey B and Guilty Beatz visited the Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos on Thursday.

The presenter on duty, Olisa Adibua, told them that Ghanaians don’t welcome foreign events especially Nigerian events which have Nigerian artists.

He said: "In terms of your people, it seems they don’t like Nigerians coming through. I heard about one or two issues that happened with the Cardi B shows as well recently… I heard somethings that were not good, and if you behave like that with Afronation, no one is going to come back to Ghana with a show".

Since Joey B took to his Twitter account to share a cut from the interview, his Ghanian Twitter followers have been lambasting him for not speaking up for Ghana. The criticised his speechlessness when the presenter was having a go at Ghanaians.

See a cut of the interview here: 

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