US President Donald Trump has Been Impeached

The United States of America President, Donald Trump on Wednesday became the third President in the history of the US to be Impeached.

He was impeached for abuse of power in a historic vote in the House of Representatives and his case was sent to the US Senate for trial.

The impeachment votes marked the culmination of a sprawling and rapidly moving three-month Democratic investigation into allegations that the President pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals while withholding US security assistance and a White House meeting.

Not over for Trump

It is however not over for President Trump as the trial in the Senate can work in his favour. If the two-third of the senate does not vote against him, he will remain the president of the US.

See a chart that explains the process here:


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  1. US happens to be one of the best country where absolute democracy is being practice. Where the Rule of Law is upheld in high esteem. Welcome to Nigeria where the democratically elected president turns to a dictator and places himself above the law. Where the president is above the law, where separation of power has not been deeply rooted in the law of the land, where there is nothing like check and balance amongst the arms of government. I just hope we will get it right someday.

    1. You are very correct sir... Nigeria is the opposite of so many great countries.


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