I'm sorry For disclosing Olamide's Donation to Save Majek Fashek - Majek Fashek's Manager

Omenka Uzoma-Day, the manager of Nigerian reggae musician Majek Fashek is not happy with himself for betraying the promise he made to Nigerian rapper Olamido Badoo.
 Majek Fashek has been down with an undisclosed illness since 2019. He is currently responding to treatment in the United Kingdom.

Sometimes last year, Olamide showed love towards the reggae singer and warned Omenka not to make his donation public.
However, rumours from critics prompted Omenka to break his promise on Nigeria Info 99.3 FM revealing that Olamide is the only celebrity that has supported in the payment of the medical bills of the Reggae Icon.
Omenka Uzoma justified the reason for his action during an interview with Punch, he says he was under pressure from critics.
At a certain period, Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola donated a certain amount of money to fund Majek's medical bills and most people thought the donation was a lot of money. 
According to Omenka, critics even thought that he embezzled some of the donations he was getting for Majek Fashek’s treatment. Whereas Femi Otedola paid directly into the hospital's account
He said, “Olamide actually helped out over six months ago and I honestly feel guilty for mentioning his name because he told me not to. However, what I said was not bad. Olamide really showed love. I didn’t even expect it from him. I didn’t want to say it but my spirit was not at peace. He helped out at a time of tribulation".

He added that the health of the reggae artist has improved. 

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