Read this to understand Who You are and Where You Belong

Do you get angry easily with your friends or with yourself? Are you someone who dwells over disappointment for years? Or you are someone who eats faster and talks much? Know your temperament and work on your weakness. Are you a Sanguine, choleric, melancholy or phlegmatic?. Do you know where you belong to and why you behave the way you do?

Human reacts differently to issues, and this is caused by individuals' temperament.

Temperament is the combination of traits we inherited from our parents. No one knows where it resides but some think it's somewhere in the mind or emotional centre. Temperament influences everything we do, from sleep habits to eating habits, to study habits, to how we get along with people.


A sanguine is the loudest of all temperament and superb extrovert. There's never a dull moment for sparkling Sanguine. If you are a compassionate someone, who respond genuinely to the needs of others, then you are sanguine. A sparkling sanguine is able to share his emotional experience with others, he loves faster and also forgets people easily.
Also,  sanguine mostly excel in college but fails in real life, because of their weak-willed and undisciplined attitude. Sanguine overeat and gain more weight due to their undisciplined nature unless it's overcome.


Mr choleric is discipline, confident, strong determined and aggressive toward achieving a dream. He's always dogged and most of his decision is based on intuition
and not on a practical experience like sparkling sanguine. If you are someone who doesn't give up easily, either your team supports you or not, you are a rocky choleric.

However, despite his strength, he's extremely hostile and easily gets into violence. He sometimes uses wrath to get what he wants and anyone who doesn't live to his expectations will face the eruption of his wrath. He's the most unaffectionate temperament.


Melancholy is the richest and most sensitive temperament, with the highest IQ of any member in the family. Melancholy is a genius and particularly excel in fine arts, due to creative thinking. He loves to do the behind the scenes work and hardly see the limelight, except when forced.

However, despite his unique characteristics, he depends on others to finish his work unlike a choleric.
Melancholy is discipline and rarely eats much. They mostly go into depression after completing a project, because they deprive the body of food during the process.

Melancholy major weaknesses are negativism, pessimism, and criticism. They hardly appreciate what you did because you hardly satisfy them.


Phlegmatic temperaments are super introverts but it doesn't mean they are extremely weak. Though they are cool and calm they are great thinkers and planners. He's a born diplomat, who believes in dialogue than fight because he hates confrontation. Phlegmatic are good friends but they hardly relate to people. He always looks forward to completing his obligations with fewer efforts.

He's not assertive and doesn't push himself to lead but when given the responsibility, his leadership and administrative skills are superb. A phlegmatic person is slow and sluggish. Phlegmatic is selfish and rarely initiate an activity.

At this point, you should be able to identify the category you belong to. But if you are still not sure, don't you worry, you probably belong to the rare category of people who have the ability to exhibit all the four temperaments which is not a bad thing. 

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