Iceberg Slim Slams Those Dragging him because he cheated on Juliet Ibrahim

Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim has taken to Instagram to urge social media users to stop dragging him for disclosing that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend and Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim.

Recall that the rapper and the actress who has appeared in numerous Nollywood movies had one of the most publicized celebrity relationships in Africa in 2018.

 However, the beautiful run didn't last long before everything started crashing down. Juliet Ibrahim brought the attention of the world to the soured relationship when she took to her Instagram account to delete all the pictures Iceberg Slim appeared in.

After a series of speculation on the possible cause of the breakdown of the relationship by the media in both Nigeria and Ghana, Iceberg Slim came out in 2019 to disclose that he cheated on Juliet Ibrahim. He went on to apologize for treating the actress badly and also asked for her forgiveness. 

Ever since he made such a confession on the social media, trollers who the rapper described as "self-righteous association", have continued to make it a point of reference whenever they decide to drag him.

"I know I've fallen into the trap of having to explain or defend myself or tell my side of a story when it was no one's business but mine and that of the person I was involved with. You'll think you are doing what's right, for the greater good, but again its NO ONE's business. These things will never leave the Internet ...and they will forever be held over your head. It's not worth it", he wrote on his Instagram page on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

He urged the self-righteous association" who would always want to bring his name up because he cheated, to understand that he only cheated and didn't kill; an experience he said he can never justify or downplay. "I owned it up and learned from it", the rapper added.

This is the screenshots of Iceberg Slim appeal to his trollers: 

It might interest you to know that Juliet Ibrahim has found it difficult to start a new relationship since the rapper broke her heart. However, the mother of one has continuously stressed that she is ready for love in 2020. 

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