[VIDEO] The Alleged Cab Driver Who Reportedly Drove the Italian with Coronavirus to Lagos Cries Out, Saying He has not been to Lagos for Two Years

The purported cab driver who reportedly drove the Italian with Coronavirus from Ogun state to Lagos said it was "fake news" and he has not been to Lagos for the past two years.

Recall that on Saturday, February 29, 2020, the social media was awash with the "fake news" that the cab driver contracted the virus while driving the infected Italian to Lagos.

The "fake news" also speculated that the cab driver was on the run and threatened to spread the virus if the Federal Government did not pay his family 100 million Naira.

When the fake news went viral, it caused a lot of panic among residents of Lagos forcing the state ministry of health to clarify that the Italian was not driven into Lagos from Ogun state in a cab but in an ambulance.

Yet, that clarification wasn’t enough until the purported cab driver who identified himself as Ikwonoebe Jude came out to debunk the rumour.

Here is the video showing the alleged cab driver debunking the “fake news”

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