How to Keep Your Love Life Alive

It is no longer news that when two partners in love start their journey of love, they expend great energy in doing so. At this point, they don't consider it as work, they are happy with the opportunity to do something meaningful for each other. They want to make each other happy and they often do; some people might even be jealous of the duo.

But when it gets to that stage where they both come down from the emotional high, it will look as if they made a wrong choice. This notion is not always true, it is just that we do not stay in the euphoric stage of love forever, it now requires work in order to keep the love life alive.

How to Keep the Love Alive 

The key to loving your partner and keeping your love life alive is to find out what your partner wants you to do for them. What makes your partner feel loved and what he/she always expect from you?  You may be expressing sincere love but if it is not what they want, it might mean nothing to them, thus they might feel starved emotionally.

🔴What people expect/want from their partner varies that is why you must find out what your partner wants. It might be words of affirmation, appreciating them for what they do, compliment their smile, looks, constantly telling them how much you love them etc. If your partner falls into this category, your words will be like rain falling on dry soil, nothing will speak more deeply of your love than those words.

🔴And for some people, action speaks louder than words, the act of service is all they want, helping them with things. While for some people, what makes them feel loved and appreciated is to receive a gift from their partner. It is now left to you to ask questions and make observations so as to know the type of gift to get them. Not all gift needs to be expensive, it might be a rose flower, card, books, picture frame etc.

🔴We also have some people that giving them your undivided attention is what you need to keep the emotional love alive. All that makes sense to them is being in the same spot with them, looking at each other, talking, listening, taking a long walk together so as to be with each other. To these people nothing makes them feel more loved than quality time.

🔴For some people, physical touch is what keeps their emotional feelings alive. Appropriate touches are lovely and means so much to these people.

It is obvious that finding out what your partner wants, and learning their love language take effort, but in order to make the emotional depth of your love becomes much deeper, you need to know what they want, find out their love language and do them what they want consistently.

To a love-filled and healthy relationship,

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