The Best League in the World

The world is in one of its worst heights in history; almost every country in the world is battling the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, yet, we can still take our minds off the crisis and the fear it has caused to something a little bit trivia.

One of those things is the endless argument about which football league in the world is truly the best in terms of competitiveness, excitement, star power and continental success. 

To make the argument less ambiguous and straight to the point, let us limit the scope of the argument by concluding that the best football leagues in the world are in Europe.

When you are talking about European football, the governing body of football on the continent is UEFA. In its wisdom, the continental football governing body rates La Liga as the best league in the continent.

But we are not going to use the UEFA Coefficient to try to arrive at the best league in the world or in Europe in particular. As I mentioned earlier, we are going to trash out this argument using the following standards:

1. Competitiveness
2. Excitement
3. Star Power 
4. Continental Success

Before we continue to attempt to get the best league in the world using the standards above, let us establish the fact that the three leagues in contention are: Bundesliga, English Premier and La Liga

Now, let us go into the analysis using our standards: 


Football is a competitive game. Though La Liga matches might be exciting on the field of play there is little or no excitement when it comes to being competitive on the league table. In La Liga, Barcelona is expected to win the league or Real Madrid. Sometimes, Atlantico Madrid comes into the party.

But in the case of the Premier League, any team on the league table can compete with the big boys - Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham, and end up winning the league. Leicester City is a good example of this. Hence, the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world.


Every football fan watches a match to get excitement from it. But this is not applicable to a fanatic who wants to always see that his/her club is always winning no matter how the team is playing. Based on this and research, it is a fact that the most followed and watched a football match in the world is El Classico.

El Classico is a match played between Real Madrid and Barcelona, two teams that have been dominating La Liga and the Champions League for over 10 years now. The teams are arguably the most followed teams in the world because of the kind of excitement they bring to the game. Hence, La Liga is the most exciting league in the world.

Star Power 

When you are talking about star power, La Liga has the highest concentration of superstars as far as football is concerned. Even most of the superstars in other leagues (except Premier League), enjoyed the biggest fame while playing in the La Liga. In the last ten years, La Liga has the highest concentration of superstars in the world. There was a point the best three players in the world play in the La Liga at the same time - Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar.

Though Neymar now plays in France while C Ronaldo now plays in Italy, Spain still has the highest concentration of superstars in football. Hence, La Liga is number one when it comes to star power.

Continental Success

In the history of continental football in Europe, the most successful football team is Real Madrid which has won 13 Champions League. Still, in the last 10 years, the most successful football club in Europe is Barcelona with 5 Champion Leagues titles. These two clubs have also won more FIFA World Club Cup than any other club in any other league in the world. Hence, La Liga is the most successful league in Europe and indeed the whole world.

In conclusion, the best league in the world lies between the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. But based on our analysis where we used the four standards analysed above as yardsticks, the best league in the world is Spanish La Liga.

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