COVID-19 Cure: The World Can Wait for Africa

It is almost 6 months since the dreaded coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19 hit Wuhan in China before it spread across the world like a wildfire, yet every day breaks with more fears and uncertainties at the same time.

Since then, the World Health Organization (WHO) which suppose to come to the rescue of the world, has not gotten a solution to the deadly virus which has killed close to 300,000 people and infected close to 4 million people across the world.

China and a few other countries have been able to find answers to the pandemic but the answers have not been able to be generalised on a global scale.

The virus which has been termed the "great leveller" has humbled almost all the world powers including the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and France.

Since the virus has overwhelmed those "technologically advanced countries" with advanced medical facilities and well-skilled medical personnel, a need for a paradigm shift has to arise which brings Africa to the picture, "the dark continent" as it is always perceived by the western world.

Fortunately for the continent, Madagascar, a small island country, came to the rescue when the continent's giants like South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia and many others were not brave enough to look inward to explore their 'Africanism'.

Madagascar did the unthinkable and came up with a homegrown solution to the virus which has been working for the country. They call the answer to the plague 'COVID-Organics' and it has been made official in the country by government authorities.

As expected, Africa Union (AU) which has been waiting for a western solution, did not accept the African solution since it didn't come from 'the gods of the world' through the WHO. The union says it wants to see the scientific data on the "safety and efficacy" of the solution.

Still, other countries who are not interested in the scientific data AU is seeking to have, wrote to the government of Madagascar for the Malagasy solution.

As also expected, the WHO came out with a statement to insist that Africa deserves the same standard that is applicable in the western world.

Well, since the so-called standard (Vaccines) can not be ready until mid-2021 as it is being speculated, should Africans whose countries are not blessed with the luxury of leaders who had fixed medical infrastructure before the deadly outbreak, be allowed to die when there is African standard solution to the pandemic? Or should the continent keep neglecting its roots while waiting for a western miracle that might not come as soon as needed?

I think, from all basics, especially if the leaders of the continent have the guts and the will, we are at that juncture where the world has to wait for the "dark continent" for the cure of COVID-19, a possible paradigm shift of the millennium.


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  1. Hmm.... Let see how it goes...

  2. The problem with Africa is not believing in Africa itself. Our default setting is programmed by the Westerns


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