Moments: Recipe for Relevance

The word 'moments' is so popular that many poets have composed poetry about it including yours sincerely. Many philosophers have composed deep quotes about it. Many musicians have sung about it. And many movie makers have made blockbusters having it as the main theme. All these go to show the essence of this subject matter.

Before we go further, what is moment to you?

Moment can simply be said to mean "Instant" an unspecified period of time. A point in time.

Merriam Webster dictionary says 'Moment' is:

1. A precise point in time
2. A very short period of time
3. A particular time
4. The present time

From the definitions above, we can see that in every moment, there is the presence of time; that is why it is believed that time and moment are synonymous and they can be used interchangeably.

But the major difference between both principles is that time can be measured while moment can not be measured.

I shall list more differences as we proceed. 

Do you know that as you are following this discussion, we are having a moment together? A moment that could mean nothing to you or mean everything to you. A moment that can define you or redefine you.

A moment some people will look back on ten years to come and say, 'thank God I paid attention.'  While it is also a moment some will look back on 10 years to come and say, 'if I had known, I wouldn't have played with a moment like this'.

So, choose your class from those listed above!

Moving forward...

Do you know that from the days of creation, the world is formed through the accumulation of moments?

  • A moment of "let there be light"
  • A moment of "let us separate the water from the water and the gathering of the water to have the dry ground and the seas". 
  • A moment of creating everything on earth including the heavenly bodies, the creatures of the water, the land, the sky and of course, man. 

People, communities, towns, cities, states, countries, continents, and indeed the whole world are accumulations of moments God created, man formed or nature made to happen.

Yes, moments can occur by divinity, by accident, by force, by fate or can be created by man. It sometimes happens like a bad dream and sometimes the best experience of a lifetime.

Moment is superior to time because...

1. Time comes and goes but moments last forever

2. Time is quantifiable but moments can not be quantified in reality except you use quantifiers.

3. Time heals wounds but the moment is the scar. When you reflect on it, the memories can uncover a healed wound.

4. Time is predictable and static but moment happens by chance, choice, and it is dynamic.

Moment is a slave to time because...

1. Time creates moments - If you don't have time, you can't have a moment. With time, there will always be moments. Wherever there is time, the moment must be created - be it good or bad.

2. Time will always be time and it will never stop but moments are born to be seized or be ignored.

This is why everyone has a story. A story of lamentation or a story of glorification.

The good moments you seized yesterday, are your fond memories today; those you are seizing today will be your fond memories tomorrow.

While those good moments you ignored yesterday are your today's lamentation and those you are ignoring today will be your unhappy memories tomorrow.

What type of moment is life presenting to you and how are you handling it? 

Do you know that your father, mother, ward, brother, sister, pastor or teacher you ought to talk to today, might not be there again in the next seconds? And then, you will realise that you had the chance to share your feelings, fears, joy, pain and love with them but you were so distracted to do so.

You are with your parents or wards at home, it is a moment to experience all you have to experience because you might not have that chance again.

You are a student today, it is a moment to learn all you have to learn because such a moment won't last forever.

You are at that office today, don't miss the opportunity to keep good contact, you don't know where the next moment will take you to and the experience you will need to survive in the next moment of your life.

Going forward, let us look at the Types of moments...

From years of subjecting myself to deep analysis of life and the events human and nature create, I came to accept that there are two kinds of moments.

1. Moments by God, nature or fate
2. Moments created

We are going to look into this using biblical instances for better understanding...

1. Moment by God, nature or fate

This is a moment predestined and happens not because we want it to happen but it happens because God wants it to happen or it is destined to happen. Sometimes it happens to announce God or to prove a belief right or wrong.

Biblically, there are so many moments God created to Glorify Himself like: 

1. The death and burial of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha and friend of Jesus. This announces Jesus as a Son of God who has the power to raise people from the dead even if they are buried for days.  John 11: 3-27

Note: All other miracles of Jesus Christ are examples of moments that aided the spread of Jesus' mission before His crucifixion and resurrection.

2. The killing of Goliath by little David with a catapult and a stone - this announces David to King Saul and the people of Israelite. 1 Samuel 17

3. Daniel in the Lions' den - shows that Daniel and indeed the people of Israel were really serving the living God. Daniel 6

4. The writing on the wall King Nebuchadnezzar couldn't read - it announced Daniel to the king. Daniel 5

2. Moments Created

Note: Most of these moments are made possible because God permitted them to be: 

1. The brothers of Joseph sold him to the slave masters which helped him to actualise his dream. Genesis 37:18-36

2. The experience David had with the wild animals in the forest while shepherding the herds of his father added to his boldness which helped him to face and conquer Goliath. 1 Samuel 17:34

3. Joseph interpreting the dream of the king's servant in prison made it possible for Joseph to be known as a person who can interpret the King's dream. Genesis 40

4. The short blind man clamped the tree and shouted 'Jesus the son of David, have mercy on me', made Jesus to notice his extraordinary effort and that brought him his healing and his biblical recognition.  Mark 10:47

There are always moments God has created or God has given us the grace to create that will connect us to destiny for His glory. Some times, when we miss such a moment, it might take us like forever to get another one unless we pray extremely hard.

From all those moments cited above, we could see that even moments that we think are hurtful could be used to glorify God in our lives and kick start the journey to our destiny fulfilment.  

The 3rd type of moment ought to be moment by chance but I didn't add it because I have the understanding that nothing really happens by chance. It is either God allowed it to happen to you or you allowed it to happen to you.

However, whether it is a moment God creates for you, whether it is a moment you create for yourself or the circumstances around you create for you, you still have the choice to either accept it or reject it. The choice is yours to posses it or waste it on the altar of excuses.

For instance, God created a moment for David to announce himself to King Saul. When he approached Saul and told him that he can kill Goliath, Saul laughed it off at first but David told him his CV and he was convincing about it. Saul had no choice than to allow him.

If David had said, well, the King said I can't do it, let me go home and allow the adults to do their thing, who knows, we wouldn't have heard about the little David that killed Goliath story or probably we wouldn't have heard the story of David in the first place.

Another instance is that if Joseph had fallen to the temptation of Potiphar’s Wife and had slept with her, he would have ended up a slave or prisoner in Egypt until death. And he would not have had the opportunity to interpret any dream afterwards.  Genesis 39:1-23

There are so many permutations around all these stories and each permutation may give us a different outcome just like our lives. Sometimes create the time to engage in what I call self-permutations or self-re-evaluation.

Like, if I had done A instead of B, what would have become of me? Or if I leave B and do A, how will it end me? At the points of making such decisions in our lives create the moments that have made us what we are today or will make us what we will become tomorrow.

Your moment as a young person:

At this point in your life as a young person (16-30), we are at the juncture I like to call decisions making time. The period of sowing.

At this time of your life, you are either learning a skill, a trade, acquiring certificates and knowledge, or gathering an experience that will guide you through a career path.

At this time of your life, you are expected to work on your spiritual, emotional, mental and social strength through the word of God, through meetings like this, through books, through hearing from people who are more experienced, and of course, through listening to yourself and knowing the nature of God in you.

At this point in your life is the point you ought to be closer to your guidance - Parents, pastors, trusted teachers, elder brothers or sisters, and councillors to help you put things in the best perspectives.

If you fail to build your personality from 16-year-old up, the world will build a personality for you that you may not be too proud of and that might not glorify God before you clock 30.

Do you know that most poor people of today (that are graduates), made the decision to be poor from the point they step into JSS 3?

They wet the decision when they are in SS3 and then the decision grows branches when they get into the higher institution. The start harvesting the decision after NYSC. That is why you see a graduate that will tell you that I have graduated for 5 years but I am yet to find a suitable job.

That is the set of people that will want you to believe that "education is a scam" because they failed to put things in the right perspective at the right time.

They took the decision that made them what they hate to be then through the kind of friends they decided to keep, the kind of people they decided to imitate, the kind of experience, memories and/or experience they decided to have.

No wonder the Bible says in the book of Matthew 7:15–20 that:

"Ye shall know them by their fruit. Do men gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but, a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." (KJV)

No wonder a wise man once says:

Tell me how you spent your yesterday and how you are spending your today and I will tell you what will become of your tomorrow.

  • If you want to have a peaceful future and a wonderful life in Christ which is free of regrets or self-guilt, you have to be careful with the kind of moments you create for yourself and that which you allow to happen to you.

If you want to live a life free of lamentation, you have to learn how to identify the right moment and how to seize them when they come.

How to Identify the right moment

To identify the right moment, you have to, first of all, have a clear conscience and be truthful to yourself; that is, a Godly heart. That moment has to be in line with your already existing goal or you must have seen a path that will lead you to your long time goals. And of course, such a moment must be in line with the doctrines of the Bible.

This means that before you can even know the moments that are right for you, you have to first of all: 

1. Know what the Bible says about such things.

2. Have short and long term goals in life. That is, know what you want in life and how to go for it.

Remember: Don't live your life depending on luck because you are already a lucky person if you are prepared for opportunities.

God has given us the grace to have what we need in life but we will only attain that level of securing our needs through the choices we make on a daily basis. We can create the kind life we want for ourselves by the choices we make, the opportunities we create and the kind of moments we take charge of.

Let me mention it here, everything in life is a matter of choice not a matter of circumstances. Your choices in life will determine your realities of today or tomorrow. 

For instance: 

It was David's choice to leave his men in the war front to go and start looking at Bathsheba while bathing in her husband's compound. That singular decision began the process that brought a generational curse to his linage. 2 Samuel 11: 5-27

It was a matter of choice that Samson left all the ladies in his tribe and go and submit to a gentile like Delilah who he revealed his secret to out of lust of the flesh and got rewarded with destruction. Judges 13-16.


Before you go ask yourself:

What type of moments did I have yesterday? How do I feel when I remember them now?

What type of moments I mine having today? How will I feel when I remember them tomorrow? 

Whatever moment you have or you have had that left you worried, restless, troubled or bittered, know that such a moment is not a Godly moment but a destructive one just like the moment Judas had when he collected that 30 Silver after selling Jesus Christ.

No matter how educated you are. No matter how good looking you are. If you fail to identify the right moment and take a Godly advantage of it, you might not amount to much in life.

You are at the stage of your life you have to make every moment count. You have to always live with the understanding that you must redeem the time. You must always strive to always make things work for your good and to the Glory of God.

Remember, time heals all wounds but moments are the scars, they never go away. They always return as memories to either hurt you or excite you. 

If you fail to do what you ought to do and at the right time, you have only succeeded in building a big castle for regrets.

The worse thing that can happen to us is to create time for moments that will sow a seed of regrets in our lives.

Regret is a life sentence and the worst kind of prison that only through the grace of God you can regain your freedom from it and be freed indeed.

Thanks for reading...

If you have any question, a different perspective or topic suggestion, feel free to use the comment box below. 

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