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By Adeshina Oladele 

                Saheed Yemi Yusuff (SAY Y)


Saheed Yemi Yusuff popularly known as SAY Y is one of the creative Movie Directors cum Producers that are doing well in yoruba movie scene. The CEO of A1 Films International was born in the early 70s into Agbo's compound, Beere, Ibadan, Oyo State.


The Ibaban born thespian attended Islamic Mission Primary School, Odooye, Ibadan for his Elementary Education and Muslim Grammar School, Odinjo, Ibadan for his Secondary Education.

He also went to the Polytechnic of Ibadan to studied Mass Communication for both ND and HND.


When he was in school, he used to write stories with all his school notes. He is passionate about acting from the earliest stage of his life. That passion was what prompted him to go and learn the art and craft of Filmmaking from Hon. Yahaya Adetunji; who was once the National Secretary for ANTP when Prince Jide Kosoko was the President of the Association, where he was taught Cinematography, Directing and Editing for four years under the Umbrella of Yoap Communication.

When he was with Yahaya Adetunji, he was fortunate to shoot different movies like Oko yoyo, Wemimo and many of his Boss's films.

The CEO of SAY Y Communication Studio revealed that he has produced countless movies and he usually featured in most of his works. He produced his first movie in 1997, titled Imaam Agba, followed by Ekeji omo, Enu Aake, Omo Sango, Omo Oyinade, Onidiri oru, Ikin ifa, Tani Ole, Pankere Olohun, Agadangbo and many more. He also made it known that he has directed more than 100 movies.

Yemi Yusuff also disclosed that the ways he usually packaged his Islamic movies and the Uniqueness birthed the Association of Muslims Theatre Artist of Nigeria (AMTAN), with his Co-founder; Mr Ibrahim Oladipupo in 2001.

According to him, "like i said about how i came across Filmmaking. It is something i have loved to become since I was small. I could remember when I was growing up, I usually went to NEC to watch movie in film house. My mum would come and pick me there, beat me and deprive me of my food. Inspite that, sturbbonly, I would  still go again in the other day. So, when I got to secondary school, I started story writing on my own. I was the story writer for any play that my school intended to display. When i got to higher institution, I also started learning about cinematography and filmmaking along my academic pursuit . I started with Islamic stories. Then, i joined circular Filmmakers."

He also said, "It was after i have been a producer on my own for many years that i came across Alhaji Rasheed Adekunle Yusuff who were In the same local government that i was. What magnetised me to him was my character and my craft. He felt we could work together, he being dialogue Director (Mr Dialogue) and i, an idea builder, will be able to make his work easier...I wrote many stories for him then. I wrote the dialogue for the first production by Femi Adebayo. The movie was titled Examination. It was directed by Alhaji Rasheed and I wrote the script. Many scripts produced by Oga Bello that were directed by Alhaji Rasheed were written by me. I was under him."

"When I was with Alhaji Rasheed, most of the movies produced and directed by him were written by me before his demise...Someone I can call my rolemodel is Rasheed Yusuff because when it comes to work, he always put professionalism before personal sentiment. He also worked towards the growth of Yoruba traditions when he was alive. I learnt alot from him when we were together ." He said.

When asked about the challenges and tough time he has encountered as a Filmmaker, he said "We have faced many challenges. For instance, when i produced Ekeji omo, till today, i never see the marketer that sold that movie. I didn't collect a dime from its sales. I have searched for him everywhere and till date, he's no where to be found. I also produced a movie titled, Taa ni Ole? I single-handedly sponsored the production. And to our surprise, after selling the movie in a particular week, people started returning the disc the following week that they were seeing something different from the story they wanted to watch. That resulted into a huge lost. Another incident I can never forget was what happened when we got to one location where we wanted to shoot and camera got burnt in our hand. Funny enough, the camera was government's property. It is God that saved us from being jailed. Upon all challenges, we Glorify God."

Furthermore, he said his focus is to have a cinema hall that cinema movies would be shown. His also aiming at getting highly sophisticated Equipments for filmmaking and Propagating stories that have to do with our Environment like stories that speak about towns, families and many more.

He also advised all upcoming Filmmakers to persevere because one who endures pains enjoys gains. He said it is their Perseverance since Twenty-five years ago that made them who they are today. It is the perseverance that keep them going and they still hope for better future.


Mr Yemi Yusuff has received many awards for the efforts he made to the growth of Movie Industry. He has been awarded by TAMPAN, City People's Magazine, Africa Movie Ambassador, University of Ibadan and many societies.

On 29th of  November, 2020, A1 Films International, a subsidiary of SAY Y Communication Studio will be celebrating their Twenty-fifth year's Anniversary in Conjunction with Africa Movie Ambassador.

The event is also organized to celebrate some of the upcoming actors and actresses that are doing well in the industry.

According to SAY Y, "Celebrating our upcoming actors and actresses would be a source of inspiration to them, and hope for a beautiful future...There will also be an opportunity to come to South Africa for seminar too. After this program, most of those upcoming stars that would be celebrated on that day would be part of the movies that would be sponsored by them. Many plans are on ground for the celebrants. We thank God for everything and we also thank all our lovers too."

The Event would be grace by many high esteemed in the societies including top actors and actresses in the film industry. The event has been slated to hold at Royale event center, Iyana Adeoyo, Ring road Ibadan.

This anniversary was meant to be done last year but due to some circumstances, it was shifted to April of this year but Coronavirus Pandemic did not also allow that.

It would be recalled that in 2014, A1 Films International did their twenty years anniversary at K. S HOTEL, total garden, Ibadan. Many Influential Personalities that were present on that day are Senator Rasheed Ladoja, Soun of Ogbomosho and many Performing artists like Obesere, Ibrahim Labaika and other notable star.

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